Workshop “Atlantic Cheese Makers IV”

Workshop “Atlantic Cheese Makers IV”

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Cortes de Muar


Saturday 16 June / 19:15 – 19:45

No registration needed. Free entrance until capacity is reached.


Multi-purpose Area

Cortes de Muar is the project of siblings Rita and Germán, who make up the second generation of a family cheese making business in Silleda (Pontevedra-Galicia). In their workshop they make limited amounts of artisan cheese with milk from cows that graze freely in the area’s meadows. The care and attention to detail with which they work, and the time dedicated to each piece are trademarks of the brand.

As well as the traditional family recipe with which they make the rich, creamy Mimosas cheese (Gold Medal at the World Cheese Awards 2014), they also dare to incorporate other production techniques inspired by international varieties, but always with their own personal “savoir faire“.

Other varieties made by Cortes de Muar are Marigold (Silver Medal at the World Cheese Awards 2013) Marianne and Mandy.